My Story

In 2018 I was sat in my car on the driveway and life suddenly felt fragile, short-lived and pointless.

On paper I had it all. A house on the south coast, privately educated children, a successful career in hospitality and a husband in finance, I was already living a dream.

That all changed in 2018 when my mum died.  

Four months after been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. A few hours later I received a call my sons school was closing down. My rock had left the world but the world carried on as normal. The reality hit me we are not here forever.

I was determined at that point to truly start living. I had this urge that there was more to life, people to meet, places to explore, a contribution to make and my rock, had to be me.

I quit my job and became a world schooling mother and started traveling with my three boys. It struck me that the ‘norm’ wasn’t making me happy- I wasn’t being the person I needed to be in life. I craved adventure, excitement, ambition, to thrive and to leave an impact on the world.

So when Covid struck and my husband lost his job, we packed up our home, said our goodbyes and travelled Europe in a VW Campervan with our old dog. I trained to become an International Life Coach and now I help to build a generation that are mentally, emotionally and physically strong by reconnecting mothers with their true self so they too can live their best lives and be the role models they wish to be for their children.


'A bird must have faith in its wings in order to fly' Matshona Dhliwayo

My Mission

Empower mothers.....

I help change the physical, mental and emotional lives of mothers around the world by focusing on reconnecting them with their true self and reflecting this into their lifestyle. I work with clients to change ...... into a drive, empowering them to change their mind and body. My mission is to help mothers thrive in their lives and become the role models they wish to be!